The Committee

The CRS Committee elected at the 48th AGM in 2019

Changes during 2020, when there was no AGM, are indicated.

Please follow the links for short notes about our Committee Members.


Chairman – Peter Arnold
Treasurer – Peter Barnett
has retired and been replaced by Colin Morley appointed during 2020
Secretary – Barbara Bradbury
Membership Secretary – Sheila Hirst

Members with Lead Roles

Stassi Chilas – (Safety & Security) has stepped down from this role and been replaced by Andrew Kisumba co-opted in December 2020. Stassi remains co-opted on the Committee
Ruksana Hussain Baig – (Sense of Community)
has now retired, so this lead role is vacant
Yoann Le Teuff – (Traffic & Parking)
has retired and been replaced by Pranav Gupta appointed during 2020
Pauline Luget Owen – (Planning & Scheme of Management)
Jonathan Middle – (Communications)
Sandy Taylor – (Quality of Place

Other Members

Faisal Ahmed – appointed during 2020
Priti Bansel Branch
John Branch
Elspeth Insch OBE

We are most grateful for the contribution retiring members have made to CRS!