Recent Events

Recent CRS Events

Please visit our “In Conversation With …” page for details of our one-to-one conversations with leading figures in our community.

[03.04.23] The increasingly popular Artisan Market returns on 8th April, in the heart of Edgbaston Village, along Greenfield Crescent. The Market is on the second Saturday of the month; please get the following dates in your diary:
8th April, 13th May, 10th June, 8th July, 12th August, 9th September, 14th October
11th November – in conjunction with the Christmas Lights Switch on event
9th December – A Christmas special

[04.02.23] CRS is supporting a Charity – ‘Suited for Success’ which helps unemployed men and women with interview skills and a suitable interview outfit, which will give them the confidence they need to make that positive first impression and get a job that could change their life..
Their next event is on Saturday 25th March 2023 – at 10:00 at Chapter on Greenfield Crescent, at which donations of suitable clothing will be gratefully received.

[08.02.23] Our 2023 AGM is at 7.00 for 7.30pm, on Wednesday, 29th March 2023 at Edgbaston High School for Girls. Our guest speakers will be from Birmingham Botanical GardensSue Beardsmore (Chair) & Sara Blair-Manning (CEO). Further announcements will be made to members by email.

Images from the CRS 51st AGM held on Wednesday 25th May 2022 at Edgbaston High School for Girls. Clare Macro, Head of EHS, was our Guest Speaker.

Peter Arnold & Clare Macro
Clare with Committee members

Deirdre & Matt with the police and Games liaison people

CRS members at the 24th November 2021 AGM

(L) Peter Arnold and John Crabtree at the AGM, and (R) with Clare Macro (Head EHS centre) and local Councillors Deirdre Alden and Matt Bennett.

[26.03.21] There was an Edgbaston Ward Forum Meeting Online via Microsoft Teams on Wednesday 7th April 2021, 7pm – 8.30pm. BCC have published a Code of Conduct for Ward Meetings and how to use Microsoft Teams.

[11.02.20] Calls for Action!
Very many thanks to all members and everyone who attended the CRS Traffic & Parking Forum at Tally Ho! on Thursday 6th February. Over 100 persons attended, with much very positive feedback currently being analysed.
We would greatly appreciate involvement with our Action Groups from anyone feeling passionate about either the CAZ or the A38 Cycling Lane.

> to identify which local roads (including private ones) are likely to be suffering from rogue parking once the CAZ is in action;
> to determine the change in levels of pollution on these roads once a week from June to October 2020.
Please use the Contact form to join the CAZ group! Please select the Traffic & Parking category and enter ‘I wish to Join the CAZ Action group’ in the first line of the message.

> to monitor the number of users from 01st of March to 31st of May, from 8am to 10am on one of the working days, or from 3pm to 6pm on one of the working days.
> To observe (at chosen times) dangerous points along the Cycling Lane, eg where the Lane is curving/turning/weaving and crosses roads.
Please use the Contact form to join the A38 Lane group! Please select the Traffic & Parking category and enter ‘I wish to Join the A38 Cycle Lane Action group’ in the first line of the message.

CRS Litter pickers were out and about on Saturday 8th February 2020. The next pick will be on Saturday 6th June 2020. To participate, please send a message through the Contact form.

Images from the 6th February 2020 Traffic & Parking Forum.

Loki Wine Tasting, Thursday 21st November 2019

36 CRS Members & friends had a very enjoyable time at Loki Wine, Greenfield Crescent. Six wines were tasted and a few were correctly identified!

CRS Autumn Event, Thursday 7th November 2019 at Edgbaston High School – a presentation by Professor Sir David Eastwood, Vice Chancellor of the University of Birmingham – “The Role of a Global University in the City of Birmingham”

Peter Arnold (Chairman CRS) welcomed our Guest Speaker – Professor Sir David Eastwood
The event was well attended by over 100 CRS members and others joining CRS on the day.
Professor Eastwood gave an entertaining and informative talk about UoB and its vision for the future
Hugh Humphreys (R) brought a display for the Lapal Canal Trust, seen here with John Worwood who marshalled car parking
Professor Eastwood was accompanied by Mr Trevor Payne (R) Director of Estates, and Mr Paddy Jackman (L) Director of Hospitality and Accommodation Services. All of whom were kind enough to answer questions and speak informally to attendees after the main presentation.
Members enjoying the wine after the talk!

10th October 2019 CRS Safety & Security Forum.

Stassi Chilas organised the event and wrote the text for this entry

A key policy area for CRS is that of safety and security. We know that our members have become increasingly concerned about rising crime coupled with reduced police resources resulting from the austerity cuts of recent years. We must now accept that the Police can only do so much and that we as citizens have to take some reasonable, sensible measures ourselves to reduce our risk of becoming victims of crime.

To that end CRS organised this Forum in collaboration with the Moor Pool Residents’ Association, who are experiencing exactly the same concerns across in Harborne.

Thank you to all those that attended. We had some very positive feedback and we believe everyone who attended took away some useful advice and information.

CRS Chair Peter Arnold introduced the event

Supt Ian Green

To start the presentations, Superintendent Ian Green gave an overview of local crime rates and the resources available to him as the senior officer in charge of neighbourhood policing across our area. He explained how the police in the West Midlands was structured and the best ways to make contact using 999, 101 or Live Chat, depending on the situation. He also gave a frank account of how the current demand was affecting his officers.


The next presentation was by Justin Freeman of the Master Locksmiths’ Association, who explained to the audience what standards to look out for when buying replacement locks and security products. The Sold Secure certification was a reliable indication that security products had been rigorously tested.


PCSO Sean Long is a West Midlands Police expert on cyber-crime and, after a quick quiz to check people’s knowledge, delivered a wake-up call for many in the audience. In an entertaining talk, he offered some very serious advice on how to stay safe online, starting with the simple but highly effective task of changing to stronger passwords. He also warned the audience to be cautious when using public Wi-Fi.

Community Team

Having looked at how to protect ourselves and our homes, the final strand was to talk about community safety. The audience heard from Neighbourhood Watch representatives about how we can work with each other to create stronger, safer neighbourhoods. Inspector Bel Sixsmith (centre) and Mr Kardaya Rooprai (right) explained how to set up a scheme and shared some personal experience of how once-blighted neighbourhoods had been transformed.

One increasingly popular initiative was Street Watch. PCSO Samantha O’Dell (left) described how just the presence of a small group of residents in hi-vis jackets out and about in their communities could deter criminal activity. Unsurprisingly, she received plenty of interest from people looking for training to carry out their own highly visible local patrols.

The event was also supported by several PCSO’s from the Edgbaston and Harborne neighbourhood policing team. They set up a stand with lots of advice leaflets and useful gadgets to give away, and were on hand to answer people’s questions.

Those who attended may have noticed the team from Red Watch of the West Midlands Fire Service waiting in the background to give a talk on fire safety in the home. Unfortunately, before Watch Commander Dave Clark was able to give his presentation, the team was called out to an emergency. A pity, but it is reassuring to know that the emergency services will drop everything to keep us safe.

On a Saturday 7th September, two teams of residents from Calthorpe Estate took to the streets on a mission to pick litter and tidy up their neighbourhood’s pavements, gutters and verges.
Team leader Pauline Owen said: “We appreciate that the Council can only do so much and that we citizens have a role to play as well if we want to keep our neighbourhood looking clean and beautiful.”
Equipped with litter-pickers, hi-viz jackets, gloves and refuse sacks provided by Birmingham City Council thanks to Edgbaston Ward Councillor Deirdre Alden, in just a couple of hours, the teams filled around 20 sacks full of litter, which was collected the next day by Council’s waste department.
Following the success of the event, CRS is now looking to buy a stock of litter-pickers and associated equipment that can be borrowed for free by members any time they wish to organize their own local litter pick.

CRS members John Hamburger, Alistair Stirling & Roger Dancey behind the bar.

29th June 2019

CRS contributed to the success of Martineau Gardens Summer Garden Party by running the bar, collecting and washing glasses and clearing up.

Twenty CRS members volunteered, did a fantastic job and enjoyed themselves.

Special thanks to Jean Pratt who masterminded the washing up in a very hot kitchen on a scorching day.