Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch

Advice from Calthorpe Residents Society Neighbourhood Watch 

Calthorpe Residents Society is liaising with WM Police on strengthening the Neighbourhood Watch network on the Calthorpe Estates and wider Edgbaston. This is being coordinated by a CRS Committee member : Stassi Chilas.

A number of residents on the Estate have expressed an interest in setting up a Neighbourhood Watch (NW) scheme. 

This is the advice from Stassi:

1. First of all, talk to your neighbours and decide who will be the coordinator. You may wish to have a deputy as well. Also, decide on a name for your scheme and its geographical boundaries – it could be just one street or one development.

2. The coordinator should then go to where there is useful advice.
Put in your post code and click on ‘Search’.
As you won’t have an existing NW scheme, your street or development shouldn’t appear in the list of existing ones so click on ‘Map your Scheme’ and follow the instructions for the registration process. This should only take a couple of minutes (about 10 steps). You should then receive a reply with further information.

3. Once your scheme is set up, please let me know the details (Name of scheme, location, coordinators’ details etc) and I will add it to my list so that I can send you useful information that I receive from the Police.

4. Your scheme will then be visible to others. Encourage your neighbours to go to the website and find your NW scheme in the same way. Then by clicking on it, they will be given the opportunity to contact you (through the website) in order to join.

5. After your scheme has been set up, register with and set the alerts you wish to receive. Encourage your neighbours to join wmnow as well.

Good luck. It should be straightforward but please let me know if you encounter any problems. A useful telephone helpline if you need technical help is on 0115 924 5517.

Calthorpe Residents Society 

If you would like to print this information to distribute, there is a print friendly version of the document.