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[14.06.21] Public Consultation on Wellington Road Local Highway Changes. As part of  the Birmingham Cycle Revolution ‘Blue Route’ cycleway along the A38 (city centre – Selly Oak), the Council was asked to further engage with local residents and stakeholders to consider how this change in traffic flow could be mitigated. A Working Group was formed in 2018, consisting of Ward Councillors, local residents, the Police, Priory School, Push Bikes and other local stakeholder representatives. The Group’s preferred design/layout would then be taken to public consultation by the City Council. CRS encourages all residents to express their views!
Go here for BCC’s web page and here for the consultation online survey.

The ’29 May Collection’
Over 25 volunteers including Councillors Deirdre Alden & Matt Bennett turned out to Litter Pick. We all met and talked to many friendly residents and four legged friends along the way. Images credited to Stassi Chilas, who kindly rounded up the full bags and delivered them to the Coop, Wheeleys Road, and to Deirdre Alden for the Templefield team image (above). A BIG thank you to Becky, Deputy Manager and all Coop staff for storing the bags until collected by BCC, arranged by Councillor Alden.

New Edgbaston Village Artisan Market
Saturday 5th June 10am – 3pm

Along the new look Greenfield Crescent in the heart of Edgbaston Village, Calthorpe Estates will be launching the first of its regular Artisan Markets. Working with award-winning Boffy Markets, on offer will be a whole host of tempting treats from local artisan food producers and a range of amazing handmade arts and crafts.

Delights include steamed puddings • pies • vegan sausages • chilli sauces and products • samosas • fudge • cakes • gin • cider • jewellery • ceramics • illustrations • digital photography • lampshades • animal drawings • metal sculpture • textile monsters.
There will be something for everyone, so make a date in your diary and pop down. You may also download a flyer here.
Update: some images of this event are here.

On Saturday 29 May 2021 from 10.30 – 12.30, you may notice CRS Members out and about – wearing high vis vests – picking litter around the Estate. [As the BCC grey bags get full, they will be strategically positioned to be collected within a few hours.]
Roads currently targeted by CRS volunteers include Carpenter, Ampton, Church, Arthur, Sir Harrys, Wellington [top], Templefield Sq. Wheeleys, Pakenham, areas around St James, Frederick & George to be confirmed.

CRS have equipment for members use, this includes litter pickers, high vis vests, gloves and BCC grey bags.
If anyone would like to form a group for their particular road[s], please email to confirm names, what equipment is required and roads that will be targeted.

Hoping for a dry, sunny day, to get as much of the Estate as possible looking good for May Bank Holiday!!

four Voi scooters parked in the UK

[15.05.21] More information on the VOI eScooters problem contributed by Cllr Deirdre Alden.
When people park they have to take a picture and upload it to show they have parked correctly. This is monitored by “parking cop” (which I assume is software) and so far, 800 people have received fines through this for not parking correctly. The fines range from £5-£25. Separate from this, there are 26 Ambassadors in the area working shifts, so not all there at the same time (but it’s a big area and I guess most are in the city centre) and they should be obvious by wearing clothing marked Voi.

They can explain to people they are riding in an illegal way (i.e. on pavement or two on a scooter) and they cannot fine, but instead give strikes. So far 370 first strikes have been given, only 2% of which have gone on to have a second strike. The first strike means a 7 day ban and you must take their schooling test. Second strike means 30 day ban. Third strike means permanent suspension. So far, two people have had this (one of which had caused an accident with a pedestrian while riding on a pavement). If you want to report anti social scooter riding, please phone 0800 376 8179

John Madin, Architect, 1924-2012

[05.05.21] An article from Mary Keating of Brutiful Birmingham has been posted on our Special Features page. It includes links to two YouTube virtual walks celebrating his residential and commercial work.

[26.4.21] Birmingham City Council have launched a Birmingham Healthy City Planning Toolkit Consultation. BCC say: “We want Birmingham to be a health-giving city, a city whose environment and surroundings offer opportunities to improve the health and wellbeing of the population, and to avoid wherever possible creating developments that contribute to neutral or negative health impacts.” Please go here for the information page and here for the consultation page.

four Voi scooters parked in the UK

[13.04.21] The VOI Electric scooter problem.
We are concerned about how the users of these scooters are behaving; illegally riding on the pavement and leaving scooters haphazardly across pavements. Both of these inconsiderate actions are a hazard to users of wheelchairs & mobility scooters, and to those with visual impairment.
VOI have now created a new reporting portal for complaints here, so we recommend that this is used. Each scooter has a unique four character ID which will enable VOI to trace the user if you provide the date, time & location as well. You may also raise concerns with the Council officers (Waseem Zaffar or Ian Ward) in charge of the BCC consultation on these scooters, which ends in November.
We received this from a BCC officer recently: “Parking cop is also a recent new feature which activates as users come to end their rides, requiring users to take a photo of how the scooter is parked. From the photo, back office inspections will be made where suggestion fines and penalties can/will be applied to users who park inconsiderately or continue to flout the rules. Naturally, although this will not prevent all issues immediately, in time coupled with other mitigations, including the role out of demarked and racked parking facilities (where permissible) improvements to parking should improve exponentially.”

CPVID-19 resources & lockdown stories

[02.04.21] We have posted more information from West Midlands Police about the Government’s ‘Roadmap’ to easing COVID-19 restrictions on our COVID-19 page.

[28.03.21] Did you complete your Census forms last Sunday? The Census 2021 team are now in the ‘collection phase’ and will be sending reminders out to residents.

[26.03.21] There will be an Edgbaston Ward Forum Meeting Online via Microsoft Teams on Wednesday 7th April 2021, 7pm – 8.30pm. Go here for the meeting link. BCC have published a Code of Conduct for Ward Meetings and how to use Microsoft Teams.

[06.03.21] The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) along with the Arbor Day Foundation has named Birmingham as a Tree City of the World for the second year running. This international programme celebrates cities across all continents that are committed to growing and maintaining their urban trees and forests and recognise the importance of trees in building healthy, resilient and happy cities. To achieve recognition, Birmingham met the five programme standards to show its dedication towards planting and conserving trees. More here.

[18.02.21] We have added an item on Edgbaston Croquet Club on our Special Features Page.

[30.01.21] Birmingham City Council has now launched the public consultation for Our Future City Plan (OFCP): Central Birmingham 2040 called ‘Shaping Our City Together’. We are asking for feedback to help us prepare a new strategy for Central Birmingham; this will also set the direction of future statutory planning policy and guidance. ‘Shaping our City Together,’ is now subject to public consultation until Friday 26th March 2021.

Whilst a template for change has been outlined, it is not a final blueprint. The publication of this document is the beginning of a continuous process of engagement to ensure that all communities across Birmingham have an opportunity to shape and deliver our shared future.
You can download the document, visit the BCC web page and take part in the online survey using the links on the right.

Document | Web page | Survey link
If you would like to discuss this consultation with BCC or submit consultation responses by email or letter, please use the following email or postal address:
Email link
Birmingham City Council
PO Box 28
Birmingham B1 1TU

white and gold plastic bottle
COVID Vaccination Experience

[19.01.21] The main topic on the estate at the moment is the roll out of the COVID vaccinations; why some people have had them and others not is a mystery!
Where the Society believes that it can help is to provide the organisers with your comments as to how well the procedure worked if you have had the vaccination.
We would then collate the answers and provide them to the organisers. They could then assess how well they have done and address any failings in the system.

We therefore invite you to provide us with your thoughts. This could include such questions as: Was the initial contact professionally handled? Was the appointment prompt and convenient? How did you rate the scheme both before, during and after the procedure? Could things have been done better? It goes without saying that your answers will be treated in strict confidence and anonymity will be preserved. Please use the Contact Form with the subject ‘COVID Vaccinations’ and we will post your comments on our COVID-19 page.

[19.01.21] EALTS has been award a Blue Plaque by Birmingham Civic Society. Please go to our Special Features page for details.

[13.01.21] Warwickshire County Cricket Club announce that works begin on the £93 million Phase 2 of the Edgbaston Stadium Masterplan. Go here.

[09.01.21] The UK National Census will take place on Sunday 21st March 2021.
We have a special page here which we will populate with information as it emerges from Gov.UK.
[28.01.21] update – please go to our Census page for news of Temporary Census Jobs.

[09.01.21] We are launching a new page here for members to submit news of their activities.

[07.01.21] Please do not respond to this text message or click on any links.
Suspicious text messages should be forwarded to 7726.
This free-of-charge short code enables your provider to investigate the origin of the text and take action, if found to be malicious.
If you have been a victim of fraud then please contact Action Fraud 0300 123 2040 or on their website at

[05.01.21] Birmingham City Council is holding a Webinar – ‘Explaining Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone’ to be held on on 19th January.
Go here for free tickets (Eventbrite site).
If you attend this event and would like to send us your comments or questions, please use the Contact form and we’ll add it to our new Community News page..

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[01.01.21] Happy New Year from CRS Rolling News!
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