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Website Terms & Conditions

1. Using this website

You must not seek to gain unauthorised access to this website or misuse it in any way.

The information on this website is for general guidance – it is not legal advice.  If you need more detailed advice, you should contact your nearest Citizens Advice or a solicitor. 

2. Our liability

We try to ensure that the information we provide on this website and any information provided to users by email is accurate, but we cannot guarantee that it will be free from errors. 

We are not responsible for the content of external websites that we link to, neither do we endorse them or recommend them.

We are not liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience you experience as a result of using this website or contacting us by email.

We are not responsible if a third party brings a claim based on your use of our website.

3. Contacting us

When you contact us we cannot guarantee the information we send or receive won’t be free of errors and we are not responsible for any resulting loss or damage. 

Any information we provide is intended only for the person it is addressed to and only this person should act on this information.  

Whereas we aim always to be helpful to all who contact us, we will only give detailed advice to CRS members with current annual subscriptions.

4. Copyright

All content on this website is protected by copyright.  CRS owns the copyright for all content on this website, except when we state otherwise.

You must not copy, reproduce, publish, download, post, broadcast or transmit any of our website content in any way for any commercial purpose.  You may use it only for personal, non-commercial purposes.  

You must get written permission from CRS or the copyright owner if you want to use anything on this website for a different purpose.