COVID-19 Advice

[03.07.20] Birmingham City Council has just launched its COVID-19 Outbreak Plan pdf 1.8MB.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 virus crisis, we are postponing all forthcoming events.

We encourage all members to follow
Government advice and NHS advice. Please stay safe!

Several local community groups are being set up to help the elderly and vulnerable with their basic needs if they have to isolate for long periods. We trust that those that are fit and able will contribute to these initiatives.

Birmingham City Council is working with Birmingham Voluntary Service Council (BVSC) to create a co-ordinated community response. Go here for further details.

Your Lockdown Stories

We would love to hear your stories about how you are coping with the COVID-19 lockdown. Please use the Contact form to send us a few paragraphs. If you have accompanying images, please indicate this in your message and we will email you with instructions for how to submit them.

Checking the angle!

[Story 002]
Just to let residents know that Edgbaston Croquet Club in Richmond Hill Road is now open for play (although our club house is still closed). We have three superb international size lawns (each one the size of two tennis courts) and our sport is particularly suited to social distancing. At present we are limiting games to singles only, which effectively means each player has an area the size of a tennis court to him or herself! When we are able to properly open we will be delighted to welcome visitors and hopefully new players. Esther. 31.05.20

[Story 001]
I’ve been quite busy, digitising my entire negative & slide collection, getting my guitar out (not played for quite a while), re-learning my 1967 Grade VIII piano pieces, working remotely by recording parts with my Saxophone Quartet and finally getting to grips with creating tracks in GarageBand using my FP4 stage piano as a MIDI controller! Keeps the brain active! Jonathan. 27.04.20

My front room!