Society Aims

Our Society’s Aims

  • To maintain this attractive city “garden suburb” as a most desirable place to live and work, now and for the future by upholding the principles of the Scheme of Management and encouraging its enforcement.
  • To foster  a community spirit,  linking with residents , local organisations and local charities by promoting and staging local events.
  • To preserve and enhance our attractive environment, through the monitoring of planning applications, supporting sympathetic development, but objecting when necessary.
  • To promote admiration and respect for the Calthorpe Estate through knowledge of its history and appreciation of its unique character and heritage.
  • To act as a bridge between Calthorpe residents and various authorities; campaigning and making representations to the Calthorpe Estate’s Agent (Mainstay) and other managing companies, to Birmingham City Council, to the local police, Councillors, our MP and central government as necessary.
  • To help residents to obtain ‘ good value for money’ in respect of management charges
  • To campaign for improvements which will enhance the quality of life on the Estate.

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