Plans for 2018/19

Traffic and Parking – Plans for 2018/19

In line with our proposed Traffic & Parking Policies, we shall continue with the unfinished projects and, if we can find the resources initiate some further projects:

    • Residents Parking Schemes – The use of residents parking schemes and congestion charging are like to feature in city plans for reducing traffic problems. We plan to set up a small team to research experiences, options and ‘best practice’ elsewhere.
    • Westbourne Road – With schools, BCU, the Botanical Gardens, EALTS and residential properties this short road is both congested and dangerous. There is insufficient space on the pavements for bus passengers to alight or wait safely in the large numbers necessary and entering and leaving the various sites can be dangerous. We are looking to co-ordinate the many stakeholders to work together and with others to find better and safer solutions.
    • Improving Traffic Flow, Reducing Congestion and Pollution – Using change to improve current issues will requires us to work with others
      • Contributing to BCC Master Plan and GTDA.
      • Reducing chaos caused by on-street parking by commuters, patients, staff and students associated with the hospitals, universities and planned new life sciences park.
  • Preparations for the Commonwealth Games
    • Engaging with Commonwealth Games team to ensure transport plans for the Games deliver long term improvements to Edgbaston.


  • Westbourne Road Linking up with all stakeholders in seeking improvements to traffic flow and safety.
  • Improving opportunities for walking and cycling. Continuing Roy Watson’s work.