List of Roads on Estate

The approximate current boundaries of the Estate may be seen on this Google Map overlay.

Roads of the Calthorpe Estate are (in Alphabetical order):

Aboyne Close
Ampton Road, except 14,14A, 15, 15A
Anstruther Road
Antringham Gardens
Appleton Court
Arthur Road
Ashley Close
Aston Bury
Augustus Court
Augustus Road, 4-10 (consec), 19-23 (consec), 25-27, 42, 43, 45-48, 60, 83-86, 91-94
Austen PlaceBBalcaskie Close
Balden Road
Barlows Road
Barnsley Road
Barsham Road
Beaufort Road
Belgrove Close, Richmond Hill Road
Berrow Drive
Birch Hollow
Birnam Flats, Harborne Road
Bishbury Close
Blackbushe Close
Blakeney Avenue
Boundary House
Bramshill Court
Bristol Road, 49-181 (odd)
Bromford Gardens
Brook Road
Broomhurst, (off Augustus Road)CCala Drive
Calthorpe Mansions, 23-28, 30-34, 101-104 (consec)
Carpenter Road
Castleton Court, Wheeleys Road
Cavendish Court
Chad Road
Chad Square Shops
Chadbrook Crest
Century Tower
Chancellors Close
Charlotte Road
Christchurch Close
Church Road
Clare Drive
Cley Close
Cockthorpe Close
Constance Road
Croftdown Road
Crofters Court
Crondal Place
Crookham Close
Cropthorne Court, Calthorpe RoadDDeeley Close, Elvetham Road
Dollery Drive
Don Close
Duncombe Grove
Dunston Court, Wheeleys RoadE

East Drive
Eastern Road
Edward Road
Egerton Court, Wheeleys Close
Elm Tree Road
Elmwood Court
Elvetham Road
Estria Road
Euan Close


Fakenham Croft
Fallowfield, Norfolk Road
Farquhar Road
Farquhar Road East
Finlarigg Drive
Fitz Roy Avenue
Foster Way
Frederick Road
Fugelmere Close


George Road
Gilchrist Drive
Gilldown Place
Gillhurst Road
Gimble Walk
Gough Road
Green Walk
Greening Drive
Grenfell Drive
Greville Drive
Griffin Court


Hagley Road
Hagley Road West (1, Cornerways)
Hallfield Close, Carpenter Road
Hamilton Avenue
Hampshire Drive
Hampton Court, George Road
Harborne Road, 81-261 (odd), 170-194 (even), 263-301 (odd), 303-427 (odd)
Harrisons Road
Hartford Close
Hartley Place
Hawthorn Road
Hazeley Close, Beech Lanes
Heaton Drive
Hermitage Road
Hermitage Square
High Point
Hintlesham Avenue
Hitches Lane
Hollies Croft
Hindon Square


Ingham Way
Islington Row

Jacoby Place

Kelton Court
Kenward Croft
Kesteven Close
Kingscote Road
Knightlow Road


Lara Close
Leigham Drive
Lloyd Square
Lordswood Road


Malcomson Close
Malmesbury Park
Malt Close
Marsland Close
Mead Rise, except 8, 10 & 12
Meadow Road
Melton Drive
Metchley Lane
Metchley Park Road
Michael Court
Michael Drive, except 25, 26, 27, 31, 33
Minley Avenue


Niall Close
Norfolk Road, except 17-24 only
North Drive
Norwich Drive
Nursery Road


Oak Hill Drive
Oak Close
Odell Place
Ormsby Court


Pakenham Road
Pale Lane
Parkfield Close, Elveham Road
Pavenham Drive
Pebble Mill Road
Pershore Road
Petersham Place
Phoenix Court
Phoenix Green
Pixall Drive
Porters Croft
Priory Road
Pritchatts Road


Raglan Road
Richmond Court
Richmond Hill Road, except 38, 49, 54, 56, 58 only
Rodman Close


St Georges Close
St Georges Court
St James Court
Seymour Court
Sheepmoor Close
Sir Harrys Road, except 50-60 (consec),1-4 (consec)
Sir Richards Drive, 1-75 (odd)
Somerset Road
Speedwell Road
Spey Close
Spreadbury Close
Spring Road
Stanley Court, Islington Road
Star Hill
Stockdale Place
Strutt Close
Summerfield Court, Westfield Road


Templefield Square
The Close
The Dreel
The Regents


Viceroy Close


Walmead Croft
Warwick Crest
Wellington Road, except 51,52,53, 53A, 70, 71 only
West Acre Flats, Hermitage Road
West Drive
West Point, Hermitage Road
Westbourne Gardens
Westbourne Road
Westfield Road, except 3-11 (odd), 63-65 (odd), 99-111 (odd)
West Green Close
Wheeleys Road
Whetstone Close
Wilsford Gardens
Winchfield Drive
Wintney Close
Woodbourne Road, except 58 – 64 (even)
Woodview Drive
Word Hill
Wyatt Close


Yateley Road
Yelverton Drive
Yew Tree Road